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We provide Garage and Estate Sales and Liquidations in DFW in all surrounding areas to fit the individual or family specific needs. This means, we do not limit our services to death of a loved one or a future move, but we extend our services to divorce, downsizing, debt recovery, foreclosures, and fund raisers of  any sort for your organization.  Need your house sold?  Talk to me and I can give options as well.  Our goal is Coordinate a SALE and SELL all items to its maximum value so you as a client can benefit.  We want to take the stress off you.  We provide full service that includes:

1.  Consultation- Free a one (1) hour meeting

2.  Set-up-1-2 days- Estate Sale
                    3 days to 1 week-Estate Sale (Depending on size of estate)

3.  Sorting/Organizing- Clean and polish items for attraction

4.  Placement/Pricing-  We do extensive research on pricing and maintain contact with a variety of dealers so that
your  antiques get more value. Items are separated by garage and estate pricing. If appraisals are needed, this is a seperate cost to you.  We do competive and fair pricing to customers  

5.  Equipment- We provide tables, tags, labels, video, cleaning supplies and more to complete this sale.

6.  Advertising-   We offer visible Garage or Estate Sale signs, newspaper and Internet announcements, and
more to attract those customers. 

7.  Staff- We have needed staff  on site for supervision and day of the sale.  

8.  Consignment- All done for you. End of the sale, you have a choice to consign with us or suggested
consignment store fronts. Coordinator will advise on items to consign and reach agreement
on items. You will be updated on all your items.

9.  Leftover items- You have several choices to dispose and that will be presented to you at consultation. 

10.  After sale-  There is a $50 clean up fee per hour. This will be taken out at the end of the sale profits if
requested. Otherwise we can offer other cleaning services

11.  Junk removal- There is a service fee for this, but each situation is differently priced. Several companies will
be presented to you who specializes in this..  

12.  Advertising guidance- $50 for garage and $100 for estates. Payment is due before sale and  contract agreement. 
This is only if you do not want my full service.  

13. Kill Fee-  A client will be be charged for rendered services (Work done by man hrs,etc.) 

**Bonus We also liquidate motorized vehicles.  We have sold several cars, boats and trucks!

Rates/Contract Coordinator will discuss all details on site. Email  gsale@mail.com or call (214) 693-8693.  

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