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Having completed her degree at UT-San Antonio (BA in Teaching/Biology), Debbie's heart was wanting to Develop something that met peoples needs in time of (life transitions) The market did not have a name for it nor it was this title not known. Although the grandmother and her partner introduced it to her as she was Growing up in the markets in historic San Antonio at an early age. The title now developed and known, an Estate Coordinator, Estate Specialist some call it.  Marriage had brought her to the Dallas metroplex and she soon found that the opportunity was even greater!
She started OnlineGsale, (now Select2Treasure) by seeing the need and when the economy turned south, she was already established. Each week is like a fresh new opportunity and relationship. 
She was even approached about doing a reality TV show, but hey, she's no Kardashian wannabe.

We focus on the DFW-area but have agreed to hold other sales in and around Texas.


Sometimes bad things happen to good people and we pride ourselves in undertsanding the job to be done, but what you might be going through. Be it a death, divorce or downsizing we try to take all concerns away for you.


When a client tells you to sell a painting, some times they just want to get rid of it. However, if that particular painting can bring in excess of $1,000 the client needs to be informed. Everyone looks for a bargain, but we don't want to you to be the sucker.

We are always amazed at what many people are willing to part with but not knowing the value.
We've all heard about the $100 bill left in a suit jacket, but what other items have been left or forgotten in that old gym bag and other hidden places.


Not every estate seller knows everything. Debbie brings in others to help assess items when needed or makes use of her network base.

Should you choose Select2Treasure, we are quick & equipped, professional, organizing every item to benefit the client for maximum return for your goods.
We are insured, know the homeowners association rules, know the city's rules and market your sale six different ways.

To schedule an appointment email us at gsale@mail.com or call us 214-693-8693.

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